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News from New York State Attorney General's Office.


AG’s Office Works with GoFundMe to Launch Centralized Page for All Verified Campaigns Related to Schoharie Limo Accident.

AG Underwood Encourages New Yorkers to Follow Tips for Charitable Giving Before Making Any Type of Donation.

NEW YORK – Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood announced that GoFundMe has launched a centralized GoFundMe hub for all verified campaigns related to last week’s limo accident in Schoharie, which claimed the lives of 20 New Yorkers. The centralized hub followed conversations between the Attorney General’s office and GoFundMe; all funding campaigns listed on the page have been verified by GoFundMe to ensure donations are, in fact, going to beneficiaries of the victims.
“New Yorkers are heartbroken by the Schoharie tragedy – and are eager to support the victims’ families as they deal with this unfathomable loss. We’re grateful to GoFundMe for partnering with our office and creating this centralized hub for verified campaigns, so that New Yorkers can rest assured that their donations will indeed support the victims’ families,” said Attorney General Underwood. “I urge New Yorkers to protect themselves by following our charitable giving tips whenever considering a donation.”
“Our hearts go out to everyone who lost a loved one in this horrific crash,” said Daniel Gordon, GoFundMe VP of Trust, Policy and Communications. “GoFundMe guarantees that every dollar donated will be transferred directly to the appropriate person. It’s important to remember that when a GoFundMe is created on behalf of another individual, the funds are only released to the person intended as the beneficiary and the GoFundMe organizer does not have access to the funds. We have reviewed all the related GoFundMe campaigns and are working with all parties to ensure the money goes directly to the victims and surviving family members of this tragedy.”
Attorney General Underwood also reminded New Yorkers to consider consulting the office’s charitable giving tips before making any type of donation:
Take Time To Research The Organization. Make sure you are familiar with the organization, its mission, and its effectiveness before giving. Always ask for information in writing – be wary if an organization will not provide information about charitable programs and finances upon request. Any legitimate organization will be happy to send you information. Check the Attorney General’s website – – to ensure that the organization is registered with the Charities Bureau, and to learn more about its mission and finances.
Know Where Your Money Will Go. Find out from the charity what it will do with your money. Review the charity’s financial reports for information about how it spends donations. If you have been contacted by a telemarketer, review Pennies for Charity, the New York Attorney General’s annual report of fundraising campaigns in New York, to see how much is spent on fundraising and how much has been kept by the charity. Ask specifically how the charity plans to use your donation, including the services and organizations your donation will support. Ask if the charity already has worked in the affected local area or has relationships with any local relief organizations. Also, ask what the charity plans to do with any excess donations. Avoid charities that make emotional appeals but are vague in answering your questions. Be wary if an organization will not provide written information about its charitable programs and finances upon request. Any legitimate organization will be glad to send you this information.
Give to Established Charities. Donate to organizations you are familiar with, or that have experience assisting in disaster relief. Get information about charities that pop up solely in response to a disaster or those with unfamiliar names.
Be Cautious With Telephone Solicitations. Telephone calls asking for donations to charity are often made by a professional fundraiser who is required to register with the Charities Bureau. Remember – you can always hang up. If you choose not to end the call, ask whether the telemarketer is registered, how much of your donation will go to charity, and how much the telemarketer is being paid. Many telemarketers receive most of the money they raise. Giving directly to a charity avoids those costs.
Check Before You Text A Contribution. Check the charity’s website or call the charity to confirm it has authorized contributions to be made via text message. One thing to keep in mind is that donations via text messaging may not reach the charity until after your phone bill is paid. It may be faster to contribute directly to the charity.
Check Before Donating to an Online Giving Site. Make sure your contribution to campaigns set up by individuals on sites such as GoFundMe or CrowdRise will go to charity and not to the person raising the funds. 
Don’t Respond to Unsolicited Spam Emails. These formats are usually not associated with legitimate charities. Check the Department of Homeland Security’s tips, such as Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks, that are posted here.
Never Give Cash. Give your contribution by credit card or a check made payable to the charity.
Be Careful About Personal Information. Avoid giving credit card or personal information over the phone or by text message. In all cases, make sure you are familiar with the organization and check to see that the fundraising campaign is legitimate before donating.
Report Suspicious Organizations. If you believe an organization is misrepresenting its work or that a scam is taking place, please contact the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau at or 212-416-8401. The following additional websites also contain helpful information to evaluate charities:

News from Nader Sayegh, Democrat running for New York State Assembly in the 90th District.

Nader  Sayegh,  Democratic designee for  the  90th  Assembly  District,  announced  today  that he  has  earned  the  support  of  Moms Demand Action (MDA), a grassroots organization that focuses on gun violence prevention and gun safety. Born out of the tragedy at Sandy Hook School, Moms Demand Action has established a chapter in every state of the country and, along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Everytown Survivor Network, is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country with more than 5 million supporters strong.

A good portion of those members are part of the New York State Chapter of MDA. The organization has  an established record of supporting their preferred candidates with numerous resources and a highly successful  political advocacy operation. 

“I am honored to receive the support of Moms Demand Action,” said Mr. Sayegh. “I understand the  integral role that parents play in advocating for the future of their children and the message that MDA puts out there is not just a relatable message but a necessary one. Gun safety is important and not separate from protecting the 2nd amendment rights of our citizens. They go hand in hand and our communities could be doing a better job of keeping our children safe, especially in our schools where we have seen gun violence terrorize our students. Gun violence has no place in our society.”

Mr. Sayegh has a long history of service to the community, particularly in the field of education. As an educator and current Trustee on the Yonkers Board of Education, this issue is one that he holds close. The schoolhouse should be a safe place for children to learn. 

The Sayegh campaign has mounted an exciting campaign for the general election season. The support from the people of Yonkers and grassroots activists has been overwhelming and energizing. Mr. Sayegh heads into the general election season with his name on 6 lines on the ballot (WFP, Green, Reform, WEP, Independence, and Democratic). This latest endorsement adds to Mr. Sayegh’s long list of endorsements, including the Yonkers Democratic Committee, 1199SEIU, Teamsters 456, among other unions and local groups. 

Press Release from the City of Yonkers.


Yonkers Rated as One of the Top U.S. Cities Exhibiting LGBTQ Inclusion in Municipal Law & Policy.
YONKERS, NY – October 12, 2018 – The Human Rights Commission Foundation, in partnership with the Equality Federation Institute, this week released its sixth annual Municipal Equality Index (MEI), the only nationwide rating system of LGBTQ inclusion in municipal law and policy, scoring the City of Yonkers with a perfect 100. Yonkers was one of four cities in New York to receive a perfect score and one of 78 nationally.
“Our administration works tirelessly toward full equality amongst our residents and employees,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “We are once again extremely proud to continually be part of the growing list of communities with a perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index. Our rating reflects diversity as Yonkers’ greatest strength and the respect we have for one another, regardless of who you love.”
Yonkers was specifically recognized for its non-discrimination laws; municipal services; law enforcement and leadership of LGBTQ equality.  June 2018 marked the first time Yonkers hosted a pride festival, attracting hundreds of visitors and residents from the area.
Michael Sabatino, Yonkers City Council Majority Leader stated, “I am proud to know that Yonkers was one of 78 cities nationwide to score a perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index.   We can attribute this to the hard work of Mayor Spano’s administration and the Mayor’s LGBTQ advisory board.   Yonkers is truly a diverse city where our residents are respected and embraced regardless of their ethnicity, religion or their sexual orientation.   We promote a safe environment that allows everyone to co-exist and creates an atmosphere that allows all to contribute to the betterment of the City of Yonkers. Our first pride festival was a huge success having been supported by the community at large.  Congratulations to all.”
The 2018 MEI reveals that cities across the nation are not waiting for their states to extend vital protections to the LGBTQ community, nor are they intimidated by some state elected officials threatening to deny cities the ability to extend fully-inclusive protections to their residents and workers. This year, 78 cities earned perfect scores for advancing fully-inclusive policies and practices -- at a time when the nation has been seeing a record number of anti-LGBTQ measures proposed by state elected officials bent on promoting discrimination. 

News from Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo, 4th District.

Gold Star Mothers are members of a group that they would give anything to not be a part of.  Unfortunately, their son or daughter made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our freedoms.  As a parent myself, I can't imagine the pain these mothers suffer every day.  Nothing will ever bring their son or daughter back, but, I hope that knowing that Yonkers stands with them can play a small role in bringing some comfort. 
Have you been turned down for a job because you don’t have a high school diploma, or are you interested in going to college and need the credentials? Find out how to achieve a high school equivalency diploma at a free informational session at the Riverfront Library on Wed., Oct. 17 at 11 a.m.
In the workshop, professional tutors will outline four ways to gain a high school equivalency diploma, including taking the Test Assessing Secondary Complete (TASC) exam (formerly GED), participating in the National External Diploma Program (NEDP) and/or assessing your previous educational work and applying it toward exam credits. The speakers will also review different ways to prepare for the exams from taking classes to online independent study.
In addition, the Riverfront Library offers TASC tutoring, weekly workshops with onsite tutors providing personalized support for individuals taking the TASC exam. This is a free service open to all on the following days:
  •          Wednesdays at 10 a.m.
  •          Thursdays at 5 p.m.
  •          Fridays at 10 a.m.

The TASC tutoring program is always looking for volunteers to help tutor students. If you have a background in teaching and/or tutoring and want to give back to the community, please contact Phyllis Cole at (914) 375-7966 and she can provide more program information.

Yonkers Riverfront Library, located at One Larkin Center, is accessible to people with disabilities. Parking is available at sidewalk meters and for a fee in the nearby Buena Vista and Warburton Parking Garages. For more event information visit
Two members of the Yonkers Fire Department were recently promoted and I was proud to stand with them and their families as they received these very deserved promotions.  Christopher DeSantis, a 17 year veteran of the YFD  was promoted from Captain to Assistant Chief.  Keith Vandervelt, a 15 year veteran of the YFD was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain.  Congratulations gentlemen!
Yonkers can celebrate being the home for many successful people in a variety of industries.  That includes Hollywood!  Recently, we honored Art Carney, a Hollywood legend and former Yonkers resident, by renaming a portion of Westchester Avenue as 'Art Carney Place'.  Art was represented by his son, Brian Carney, along with other family, friends and neighbors who attended the sign unveiling ceremony.  Carney was best known for is role of Ed Norton on "The Honeymooners."  As someone who likes to play golf, one of my favorite scenes was when Ed Norton was giving his buddy Ralph Kramden a few pointers.  You can watch a clip HERE.
Every year I look forward to our Columbus Day Parade and this year was no different.  We were greeted by Mr. Columbus at City Hall for the Flag Raising Ceremony and then off to the parade we went.  I'm already excited to see what exciting things the Columbus Day Parade Committee has in store for us next year!
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions on things you would like to see in future issues of our newsletter please let me know.  You can reach my office at (914) 377-6314.

Thank you and I hope you find this informative!
Warmest Regards,

News from New York League of Conservation Voters.

We are excited to announce that tickets are now available for our Westchester Cocktail Party at the C.V. Rich Mansion on Monday, December 3rd. We look forward to announcing our program in the coming weeks.
Don't miss your opportunity to celebrate the progress we've made together for the Westchester's environment - become a sponsor or purchase your tickets today!
From strengthening local parks to preparing our infrastructure for a changing climate, Westchester County is a key environmental battleground. Make sure you're in attendance for this exciting evening to benefit our sustainability work in Westchester. Become a sponsor or purchase tickets today!
Hope to see you there!


Julie Tighe, President
New York League of Conservation Voters

Advertising with the Yonkers Insider Newspaper Blog.

Advertise with us Yonkers Insider Newspaper Blog is a web paper of Yonkers and Westchester news to help the community at large and tha...